Sparring rules for everyones safety:

1 - Show control at all times.
Students who can’t demonstrate control will kindly be asked to watch the sparring until they understand what is expected.
2 - Respect your training partners at all times.
If your training partner refuses to tap, we ask that you be the responsible one and release them before they get injured. 
3 - Train to your partners physical ability.
If you are using your strength, speed and athletic ability to dominate a smaller/weaker training partner you won’t be doing either of you any favours. You’ll be getting away with mistakes that you wouldn’t with someone at your level. Slow down practice your techniques and you will improve a lot quicker.
4 - Lower body attacks are only for blue belts and above.
Self explanatory.
5 - Learn to tap it’s good thing!
Look at tapping out as a learning experience. There’s no one keeping score when we train, we are all here to help each other improve.

Club rules/etiquette:

1 – Don’t walk on the mats in your shoes or flip flops. The gym mats are expensive things and anything caught in your shoes could potentially rip or tear them. The other side of this is all the nasty stuff that ends up on the sidewalk potentially is on the soles of your shoes. You walk on the mat in your shoes, nasty stuff transfers to the mat, which we then train on.
2 – Do wear flip flops or shoes when you go to the washroom. For the same reasons as stated above, anything on the floor in the washroom will end up on your feet and eventually end up on the mats where we train. It is not a pleasant thought but this can lead to skin infections etc.
3 – If you have any cuts tape them up.
Investing in a roll of white hockey tape is a good idea, it’s perfect for taping any cuts or injuries.
4 – Don’t forget to cut your nails.
It’s so easy to scrape or claw someone when your nails are only a little bit long, with all the grips and escapes going on.
5 – Wash your uniform after every use. You will not get people rushing to partner with you if you don’t wash your stuff. Plus there is the potential for skin infections for you and your partner from the growing bacteria.
6 – Now that your gi is clean, keep yourself clean too. This is just really basic hygiene. No one wants to roll with a stinky person even in a clean gi.
7 – Turn up to class on time. Real life can sometimes get in the way and this is understood but showing up consistently late is never good. If you are late we ask that you please warm up on the sidelines until we can fit you in.
8 – Don’t train while sick. If you are sick don’t train. No one wants to catch your bugs.

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