All new students will be asked to bring a friend or family member, someone from their "bubble" to train with. Because of this inconvenience we will be offering your "bubble" partner their first month for free! 

Covid-19 Protocols

  1. We ask that everyone please wait outside until the previous class has exited the studio 

  2. We will ask everyone to check in at the front desk prior to class to:

a. Attest to COVID-19 questionnaire 

b. Sign a COVID-19 specific addendum to our liability waiver (only at first visit) 

c. Have their temperature taken (must be bellow 99.3)

d. Sanitize your hands with provided hand sanitizer

  1. Unfortunately we cannot provide a change room so we ask everyone come ready in their class ataire 

  2. Our water station will be closed so we ask everyone to bring a full water bottle 


Class Rules 

  1. Any and all partner training must be done with someone from you family group or immediate “bubble”. This person or people will be your only training partner while we’re in this stage of re opening. (Any one without a training partner can bring someone from their “bubble”  free of charge during this phase of reopening)

  2. We will have the mats sectioned out into squares with 6” between each square. Please stay in your square!

  3. No outside guests, spouses, parents etc. waiting inside while class is running. If you’re in the gym it’s for training purposes only 

  4. All classes will be by appointment only. You must book in advance to join a class (see bellow for further info.)

COVID-19 info