• Perseverance Through Adversity - Through the practice of Jiu Jitsu and the games we play in class your kids will test themselves against their friends and peers. They won't always win and that's ok, as a team both students and coaches alike support each other through these challenges in order to help improve on mistakes. Your child will be encouraged to try, try and try again until they succeed. There could be no more valuable lesson than that

  • Improve Fitness - Nothing in life comes free, kids will develop their Jiu Jitsu through repetition and practice. Health and fitness are a natural byproduct of hard work

  • Strengthen The Mind As Well As The Body - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a highly technical martial art that requires students to use their mind as much as their body to solve physical problems. It can be thought of as a game of live action human chess. In practice students will need to use the skills, movements and techniques that they’ve learned in order to control and secure victory over their partners. To achieve this takes immense timing, recall, mental focus, creativity, problem solving and decision making all while preventing your partner from doing the same to you!

  • Increase Confidence & Self esteem - Knowing effective martial arts techniques is empowering, you'll be amazed with the self confidence your child will quickly develop 


  •  Effective Self Defence - Basic self defence is something every child should know. In the PTT Richmond kids martial arts program your child will learn effective Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques that will help keep them safe


  • Improve Social Skills - In our kids class we are a team. By having kids work together with others to develop their skills we are         encouraging them to cooperate and communicate with each other in order to achieve a common goal 


In this class kids will be introduced to what Jiu Jitsu is exactly through basic movement drills and game based practice. With strong roots both in self defence and sport Jiu Jitsu is the perfect martial art for any child to learn. Your child will learn basic motor skills and develop the basic physical attributes they will need to be successful in any martial art or sport. This class is intended for kids ages 4-5 and will to give them the tools they'll need in order to be quickly successful in the "kids class (ages 6-11) The emphasis in this class is "fun". We teach your kids the basics of the art and the enjoyment of the sport. 


 KIDS CLASS (6-11)

Jiu Jitsu is both sport and martial art which is one reason it is such a powerful form of self defence. Kids practice and play the sport without realizing they are dramatically improving their ability to defend themselves.


We will help make these kids the best people they can be. Through the practice of martial arts kids can learn powerful lessons that will stick with them for life. Your child will not only learn the excitement of sport and practical self defence, they will also learn valuable life lessons in the process. The practice of Jiu Jitsu will have a profound effect on your child's character development


In this class your kids will learn more advanced Jiu Jitsu techniques that will help them excel when it’s time for them to graduate to our adult program. Having the advantage of training and honing their skills with kids their own age, size, strength etc. will give them a huge advantage when it’s time to move up!

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A parent who trains jiu jitsu themselves sets an excellent example for their kids to follow. Here at PTT Richmond we encourage our parents to take an active roll in their kids martial arts practice. By joining the kids in practice parents get an opportunity to spend some quality time with their kids at play and the kids can benefit from mom or dad’s own experience with the art. Jiu Jitsu can be the back bone of a healthy lifestyle that the entire family can share in and take with them wherever they go. Please contact us for information on our family discount.

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