Joining a new gym can often be intimidating. Our goal is to offer the best fitness experience possible. Our supportive instructors work with each student to build their physical and technical abilities. We provide an ego free environment to train in. If you’re willing to work hard and encourage others to do the same, you’ll be a welcome addition to the team.  


Our beginners Muay Thai class is all about the straight forward basics. This class teaches you proper striking techniques in simple combinations to get you started on the right foot. Follow our step by step instructions and learn from other students within your level of skill.  


This class is for more experienced practitioners. In order to continue improving it's important to challenge yourself. Our advanced Muay Thai classes provide the opportunity to put the skills you've developed in our beginners program to the test. With a faster pace and more advanced techniques this class will push you to the next level.  


Using tools from strength and conditioning alongside with kickboxing, Muay Thai boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques, Combat Conditioning will challenge your aerobic and anaerobic fitness.  Our small group classes utilize a wide range of equipment such as the TRX suspension trainer, agility ladder, and kettlebells in addition to traditional heavy bag drills. Whether you are training for an upcoming fight or just want to get in shape, this class is for you.

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